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Dr M Obilanade

Dr Serafina Musi

Dr Sanjay  Ahlawat


Ms Deborah Moore

Practice Nurse:

Well Woman Clinic, Cytology, Chronic

Disease Management, New Patient

Medicals, Ear Syringing, Dressings, Travel


Chronic disease management

Nurse Ann Morgan

Helen Jarvis

Healthcare Assistants: 

Blood Pressure Checks, B12 Injections, Blood Tests, ECG, New Patient Medicals

Administration Team:

Practice Manager:

Samantha Ashford

Customer Care Receptionists

Helen Jarvis, Christine Thomas,

Jusna Begum, Sam Ashford,  Kath

Margetts, Rebecca William,

Christian Phillips and Kamlesh


Health Visitors: Tredegar Street Clinic Base for Health Visitors Immunisations, advice and Child Health Reviews
Palmyra Place, Newport NP20 4EJ

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